Mohammed bin Salman’s obsession with hitting records to whitewash his stained reputation

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s successive fictional projects underscore his obsession with records and its connection to his efforts to improve his tarnished reputation.

Bin Salman was known for his obsession with records by launching “the largest” and “the first” projects without considering these projects’ fictional aspects.

Bin Salman’s latest project announced the launch of a project to plant ten billion trees over the coming decades as part of a campaign to reduce carbon emissions and combat pollution and land degradation.

Observers confirm that the afforestation campaign is platonic and is not applicable.

At the same time, it is not for the Saudi people, but rather to serve bin Salman’s goals to whitewash his reputation in front of international opinion.

Bin Salman does not care whether this number (a trillion trees) is realistic and feasible or not, as he suffers from a complex of “large numbers and huge sizes.”

As his projects always involve (the largest economy – the largest investment – the largest growth) and their application on the ground falls within the framework of imagination.

Bin Salman is relying on the idea of ​​(public opinion will forget promises) in one way or another, as there is no monitoring, no follow-up, no press, and no writers who can hold the Crown Prince accountable for the dates and schedules of these fictional projects that come in the context of distraction and money laundering only.

Bin Salman said two days ago that the Kingdom aims to reduce carbon emissions “through renewable energy projects that will provide 50 per cent of electricity production in the Kingdom by 2030.”

Riyadh will also work with other Arab countries on the “Green Middle East Initiative” to plant another 40 billion trees, which the Crown Prince described as “the largest reforestation program in the world.”

The statement did not explain how this agricultural program would be implemented in a country with limited renewable water resources.
Saudi Arabia had previously said it would use rain and recycled water to grow local trees that need little irrigation water, including in urban areas.

The “Saudi Green Initiative” is part of the crown prince’s 2030 vision to reduce the Kingdom’s dependence on oil revenues and improve the country’s lifestyle.

“The kingdom, the region and the world at large need to move forward at an accelerated pace in combating climate change,” bin Salman said.

He added that the share of clean energy production in the Middle East today does not exceed seven per cent, noting that Saudi Arabia will work with these countries to reduce carbon emissions resulting from oil production in the region by more than 60 per cent.

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