Opposition party: Emptying prisons is the first step toward reform in Saudi Arabia

The opposition Saudi National Assembly Party confirmed that the first step toward real reform begins with emptying prisons of all prisoners of conscience and arbitrarily detained.

The party said in a statement that it is watching the recent issuance of many unfair rulings against citizens because of their peaceful and civilized activities on social media.

The party considered that these provisions aim to terrorize society and subdue its resistance to accept the policies of authoritarian power that are not in the interest of the community and the nation.

The opposition party affirmed its refusal to consider any propaganda allegations against the regime in light of the unfair continuation of arbitrary arrests, unfair secret trials, heinous torture practices and slow killing.

It stressed that all these practices aim to deprive people of their right to express their opinion and assemble and access factual information about the country’s capabilities and the motives of its policies.

The party warned against the continuation of this behaviour by the Saudi authorities and against testing the people’s patience and provoking them into the pleasures of their liver, their capabilities, and their sons and daughters.

The party said that the first step towards real reform begins with emptying prisons of all prisoners of conscience and arbitrarily detained, cancelling unjust travel bans, and ending retaliatory practices by individuals by targeting their family members.

“Any arrest or freedom restriction of any person just for their opinion is a violation of their constitutional right and a threat to the people’s security. It is a suppression of their choices, and evidence that the authority does not accept the people’s opinion as a partner in the homeland who has the right to exercise his role without fear of the authorities and their repressive agencies.”

The National Assembly Party called on all those who stood with the regime despite these practices to stop granting it legitimacy and stand with our people and the political detainees of various orientations and backgrounds.

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