Mohammed bin Salman’s Era Marks the Tightest Restrictions on Mosques in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques

Mohammed bin Salman’s Era Marks the Tightest Restrictions on Mosques in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto ruler of the Kingdom, has imposed the strictest measures on mosques in the land of the Two Holy Mosques, adopting an approach aimed at combating the Islamic identity within them.

Since the beginning of his reign, Mohammed bin Salman has pursued two main objectives: westernizing society and detaching it from its identity and fighting Islam and demonizing its followers.

To achieve this, bin Salman relied on individuals with a bad reputation and low competence, appointing them to high positions where they wreak havoc and corruption.

Among the notable figures is Abdulatif Al Al-Sheikh, who bin Salman appointed as the Minister of Islamic Affairs despite lacking even the basic qualifications to assume such a position, as he can’t even recite the Quran!

His ignorance and incompetence were further evident in his statement claiming that the majority of pilgrims are Muslims. Can it be conceivable that the “rest” of the pilgrims are Jews, Christians, or Buddhists, for example?

His statements are unbecoming of Muslims in general, let alone someone who claims to be a Muslim scholar or student of knowledge. This includes his infamous statement, with audacity and lack of manners, about protecting “posteriors.”

He seems to have forgotten or ignored that King Salman and his son, who praise and flatter them day and night, gave $400 billion to Trump to protect their own “posteriors”!

Since Abdulatif Al Al-Sheikh assumed the position of the ministry undeservedly from his master bin Salman, he has followed the same path, appointing a recent media graduate with a bachelor’s degree as the head of media branch in Makkah and asking the former official to step aside!

All this while he enjoys his coffee, without knowing her qualifications and capabilities!

Al Al-Sheikh’s decisions against mosques are a manifestation of Kushner’s famous demand for “cleansing mosques.”

He confirmed that they are progressing in changing the ideologies of mosques to ones that are more aligned with America and “Israel,” stating that they are implementing this through cooperation with their partners.

It appears that bin Salman entrusted Al Al-Sheikh with this dirty task!

Among the most significant decisions issued by Abdulatif Al Al-Sheikh to fight mosques and restrict their preachers and imams are:

  • Prohibiting the use of loudspeakers during prayer and justifying it by the harm it causes to people!
  • He even encouraged people to report violators, and his ministry announced receiving more than 900 “violations” due to the use of loudspeakers.
  • The ban on mosque loudspeakers sparked a major outcry within the Kingdom as it eradicates one of the most prominent aspects of Islam in the country.
  • The communication continued with significant popular demands to reactivate the loudspeakers, but Al Al-Sheikh’s stubbornness persisted.

Abdulatif Al Al-Sheikh did not stop banning loudspeakers during prayer, limited to the call to prayer and the iqama. He also demanded to limit the number of external speakers to only four in each mosque out of fear of “disturbing people”, according to his claim.

He targeted famous mosque imams and tightened restrictions on them, dismissing dozens of them on flimsy excuses.

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