Yemen War

Emirates militias in Yemen insulting Saudi and undermining the Riyadh agreement

The militias of the United Arab Emirates in Yemen in the separatist transitional council have issued severe insults to the Saudi regime by deliberately undermining the Riyadh agreement for a peaceful solution in the country.

And forces affiliated with the Emirati-backed transitional council in Al-Alam point, east of Aden, prevented the Yemeni government forces from entering the city on its way to Lahj governorate.

Yemeni sources said that the transitional council forces imposed an armed blockade on the coastal defense brigade force coming from Abyan governorate towards the coasts of Lahj governorate along with members of the Saudi committee supervising the implementation of the Riyadh agreement to withdraw the government and council forces to their positions before last August.

The agreement – reached by the two parties in the wake of the outbreak of fighting between them last year – stipulates the return of the government to Aden, and the initiation of merging all military formations within the defense and interior ministries, and the formation of a government of political competencies equally between the north and south governorates, as well as other military and security arrangements, and exchange Prisoners of fights between the two sides

Meanwhile, Yemeni researchers and political activists called on the Saudi coalition to demarcate the relationship with the Yemeni government and the active forces in Yemeni society.

In a political symposium organized by the Bab al-Mandab Center in Aden, the participants affirmed that the Kingdom, as the sponsor and supporter of the Riyadh agreement, should implement the agreement and its consequent end to the tension in the southern governorates under government control, and direct efforts and capabilities for the most important battle with the Houthis.

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