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Inappropriate Pictures in The Color Run Provoke Anger in the Kingdom

Anger continues to mount in the Kingdom as corruption and decay by government entertainment authority Mohammed bin Salman represents a coup against the values of conservative Saudi society.

A wave of anger among activists and media has spread through social media sites in the Kingdom in the last hours after the circulation of images described as inappropriate from the effectiveness of the “Color Run” in the activities of the Riyadh season.

Thousands of Saudi nationals, foreign residents and visiting tourists participated in the first color entertainment festival in the capital Riyadh.

Thousands of people have gathered since the early hours of the Boulevard, which is located at the intersection of Prince Turki I road, with Prince Mohammed bin Salman road, north of the capital, wearing white jackets with the logo of the race.

Pictures circulated through the “Color Run” tag showed inappropriate scenes in mixed action, and camera lenses took pictures described as exiting between young men and women and sparked the anger of the Saudis, who attacked the regime and the entertainment authority, accusing it of flogging the Saudis of their religion and identity according to a systematic vision.

In this event, the contestants go without a specific arrival time, while they are sprayed in bright colors during their journey, stopping to take pictures before reaching the end and receive a commemorative medal, regardless of the timing of arrival.

The event was held under the name of “the happiest 5 kilometers on earth” during the Riyadh season, while the number of participants in the festival was estimated at more than 15,000.

The entertainment sector has witnessed tremendous developments since the establishment of its own body in 2016, in conjunction with important social and economic transformations in the country.

The Kingdom decided on December 11 to allow the opening of cinemas after a ban of more than three decades, and is expected to open cinema halls in March.

The Saudi Vision 2030 aims to raise the contribution of the entertainment sector to GDP from 3% to 6%.

He said, “Mohammed bin Salman,” in previous statements, that his country aims to localize 50% of the entertainment sector; citizens spend $ 22 billion on entertainment abroad annually.

Saudi Arabia has recently witnessed a series of decisions to abandon a number of official laws and customs adopted by the country for decades, most notably allowing women to drive, entering football stadiums, and allowing them to travel without guardian permission.

In recent months, the Saudi regime has flooded the Kingdom with suspicious steps to entertainment since the establishment of a special body in 2016, which has been met with sharp criticism for its role in changing the religious and traditional character of the kingdom.

The Saudi regime on December 11 allowed the opening of cinemas after a ban of more than three decades, and the opening of cinema halls is expected to begin in March.

The number of restaurants and cafes licensed in the Kingdom to offer “live shows” activity rose to 132 in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar and Dammam, three months after the opening of the license to hold live shows in restaurants and cafes.

Bin Salman is pushing a coup against the Kingdom’s religious and moral heritage by opening up to entertainment and hosting foreign teams with astronomical sums to provide a picture of the regime’s internal and external abuses.

In addition, the Saudis are trying to achieve a number of objectives with suspicious practices, the most important of which is to distract Saudi citizens from their repressive regime and crimes and to raise money from large financial revenues for parties and events, including pornography in the land of the Two Holy Mosques.

The Kingdom approved in 2016 a new organization of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, which reduces its powers, prevents it from arresting people, and requires that its members have scientific qualifications, in addition to good conduct.

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