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Human Rights Documentation: Dozens of Palestinians and Jordanians detained in Saudi prisons

Human rights documentation revealed the detention of the Saudi regime in its prisons dozens of Palestinians and Jordanians who had been living in the Kingdom for years.

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) said that these detainees suffer from very poor humanitarian conditions and are subjected to various forms of physical and psychological torture.

Witness said that the state security apparatus in the kingdom is carrying out a large-scale arrests of Palestinians and Jordanians living in the kingdom for decades.

the organization added that the arrests came on the background that some of them to provide financial assistance to the families of martyrs and prisoners in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, as reported by the detainees.

The issue of Palestinian detainees in the Kingdom is widely interacted in the Kingdom and abroad amid widespread denunciations of the shameful practices of the Saudi regime.

According to human rights documentation, although the campaign began intensively in February, Witness has been reluctant to announce it as a result of a lack of information, and some detainees’ families refrain from giving testimony on the other, for fear of reprisals from the Saudi authorities.

The foundation called on the Saudi authorities to immediately release and compensate all those arrested without clear charges, and called on international organizations to take urgent action to put pressure on the authorities that practice the most horrible psychological and physical torture on the detainees.

The organization called on the President of the Palestinian Authority and the King of Jordan to intervene urgently to stop this human suffering and release the detainees.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has also monitored the arrest of dozens of Palestinians in its prisons without regard to legal procedures.

The arrests targeting Palestinians are among a series of violations committed by the kingdom, said seline Yasar, Communication and Information Officer at the Euro-Med.
The Euro-Med revealed, according to documented testimonies, various types of torture, especially against Palestinian detainees by interrogators and jailers in Dhahban prison.

The Euro-Med urged the Saudi authorities to immediately disclose the fate of dozens of Palestinians who had been subjected to “enforced disappearance” and release them unless they were charged.

The Euro-Med added that the testimonies of some detainees, including visitors and residents, confirm that they are isolated from the outside world without specific indictments or presented to the competent authority (the Public Prosecution) and are not allowed to communicate with their relatives or lawyers.

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has revealed weeks ago the arrest of one its leaders and its representative in the Kingdom, Mohammed Saleh al-Khodari. Hamas said that he had been detained for several months, amid a state of secrecy on the circumstances of his detention. Media outlets also reported several days ago that authorities arrested Abu Obeida al-Agha, a businessman and Hamas leader, and transferred him to Dhahban prison in Jeddah.

Hamas said in a statement that the arrest of Khodari came as part of a campaign against many Palestinians living in the Kingdom, and added: “We remained silent for five months, to make room for diplomacy and the efforts of mediators, but there were no results.”

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