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Human rights demands for Saud House to reveal the fate of Yemeni official

“SAM for Rights and Freedoms” called on the Saudi authorities to disclose the fate of an official in the Yemeni legitimate government and a Yemeni citizen who had been forcibly disappeared for several weeks.

The organization said in a press statement that Abdul Karim Hussein Ali Thuail (35 years), the first deputy governor of Sanaa in the legitimate government, has been forcibly disappeared since March 12, during his return to the Kingdom through the Sayyun airport in Hadramout, accompanied by his wife and infant son.

Thuail was arrested at Jeddah’s Saudi airport by persons believed to be affiliated with Saudi intelligence, after which he was transferred to the Embassy District police station before he was subsequently hidden and does not know his fate until this moment.

According to testimonies close to Thuail, who preferred not to be named, organization that Thuail was arrested upon his return from an inspection visit to the fighting fronts in Marib, where two men approached him in military clothes at Jeddah airport and took him and left his wife alone with her infant.

The sources stated that Thuail was transferred to the Embassies Police Department after his arrest at Jeddah airport and his disappearance, where sheikhs and officials tried to communicate with the Sultan to find out what happened, but to no avail.

One of Thuail’s friends said that there is a fear for his fate as his family does not know the place of his detention or the reason for the arrest and no one was allowed to visit him, while the family fears that his arrest will be due to a false pretext, especially since there are differences between him and some officials in the legitimate government that reached the Saudi judiciary.

The organization confirmed that it had seen appeals in the name of sheikhs and members of the Supreme Council of Resistance in Sana’a governorate to King Salman, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, and the head of the General Staff, the commander of joint operations, that included Thuail holding a diplomatic passport and had a prominent role in standing against a group Al-Houthi and a defense of legitimacy and the alliance and demanded his release.

In the same context, the Sam organization revealed the arrest of Hisham Muhammad Ahmad Al Jabri, 25, a Yemeni, from his relative’s headquarters in Riyadh on April 21, 2020.

One of Hisham’s friends stated that his family is trying in vain through intermediaries to identify the location of Al-Jaber’s hideout, and only knew that he was taken to the General Investigation, which is a body specialized in state security and serious cases.

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