Yemen War

Houthis Attack Vital Targets in the Kingdom

The Houthis stepped up their attacks against the Kingdom against vital targets including the Abha and Najran airports and the King Khalid base in Saudi Arabia with marching planes.

The group announced the implementation of large-scale attacks against Saudi targets by drones, including the airports of Abha and Najran, as well as King Khalid Air Base in Khamis Mushait.

“The Air Force has carried out large operations towards Abha International Airport, King Khalid Air Base in Khamis Mushayt and Najran Airport, with a large number of 2K fighter planes,” said spokesman Yahya Seree in his Facebook page.

And a quick presentation details of the attack, saying that “the first operation targeted the UAVs at the airport in Najran with a number of aircraft bombed 2K,” asserting that “the injury was direct and caused disruption of air navigation at the airport.”

He said that the second operation targeted important military positions and sensitive at the base of King Khalid Air Khamis Mushayt Basir with a number of aircraft bombed 2K, “noting also that” the injury was accurate. ”

He stressed that “the third operation targeted the aircraft terminals and other targets at Abha International Airport,” pointing out that “it hit targets with high precision and caused the disruption of air navigation at the airport.”

The Houthi group has also recently stepped up its assaults with ballistic missiles and on Saudi targets, particularly the Jazan and Abha airports in the south-west of the kingdom.

Yesterday, the Houthis leader in Yemen, Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, called on the UAE to be sincere in its declaration of “withdrawal” from Yemen.

In a televised speech on Al-Mursa, the al-Houthi mouthpiece, Houthi said he hoped the UAE would ratify its withdrawal from Yemen, noting that the withdrawal would be in its interest on the economic level and all other levels.

He added in his speech by closing the summer centers “the enemy is in a state of confusion and disintegration day after day,” pointing out that the continuation of the UAE in what he called “aggression and occupation of Yemen” is dangerous to them, bearing the consequences of that.

The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash, has said that his country, despite the withdrawal of some of its troops from Yemen, but will not leave Yemen, while expressing his keenness to deny the existence of differences with Riyadh.

Sources close to the Yemeni government said that despite the reduction of the UAE military presence in some military bases, including the city of Aden, south of the country, but still in the front of the influence of the coalition and its military leadership to the south, while continuing to manage the separatist armed groups outside the authority and control Government of Yemen.

The announcement of the reduction of the UAE forces in Yemen was another setback for the Saudi regime in light of their failed war in Yemen and their inability to resolve it more than four years after the launch of the military alliance.

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