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Dissident Prince Apologizes to Pilgrims for Bad Service

Dissident prince Khalid bin Farhan Al Saud apologized to pilgrims for the failure of this year’s pilgrimage.

Prince Khaled published a video recorded by “Watan” of the floods witnessed in Mecca during the pilgrimage season. Large areas were drowned in a scene that revealed the low level of services and infrastructure despite the billions earned by Saudi Arabia from the Hajj.

Bin Farhan commented on the video saying: “We apologize to the pilgrims for the failure!! The budget of the land of the Two Holy Mosques went to Trump and the Zionists and to kill and displace your Muslim brothers in Yemen and others, and to eliminate the hopes of the Arab peoples to be free from tyranny, and the rest of the remaining amount, as you know, allocated to the intelligence to go after the honorable abroad.”

The social networking sites were shocked by a shocking video that sparked widespread anger, after the pilgrims appeared threatening their lives and flooded with rain water and floods that did not find him a bank because of the low level of services and infrastructure despite billions of Saudi Arabia earns from the pilgrimage.

The widely circulated video showed pilgrims struggling to get out of the mid-body water, including women and children, including elders in wheelchairs that were almost completely overwhelmed by water in a real threat to their lives.

The activists expressed their anger and condemnation of this shocking scene, wondering how Saudi Arabia earns hundreds of millions of pilgrims and each year the same problem. Where is the rainwater drainage network ?

The unilateral emergency plans failed, causing the tents of pilgrims to sink and injuring some of them, especially Palestinian and Egyptian pilgrims, and causing electricity cuts in the areas where pilgrims are present.

The delegates of the countries accompanying the processions complained of cases of negligence and negligence towards the pilgrims in terms of equipping the appropriate infrastructure and choosing the type of tents and accommodation.

The failure the Saudi administration put the entire pilgrimage season to the test because Saudi has no contingency plans, in-field crews are unqualified and equipment is poor to cope with such disasters.

أمير معارض يعتذر لحجاج بيت الله والتقصير الحاصل في خدمتهم

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