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Bin Salman conspires to deploy more US troops in the Kingdom

Mohammed bin Salman is seeking to deploy more US troops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of his full subordination to Washington and his service to conspiracies at home and abroad.

The official news agency (WAFA) said that bin Salman received a phone call from US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper during which he discussed the ongoing arrangements to send US troops of a defensive nature to the Kingdom.

Bin Salman told Esber that the recent attack on Aramco’s oil facilities was “a serious escalation towards the entire world that requires a firm stand to maintain international peace and security,” the agency said.

On Friday, Esber announced that US military reinforcements would be sent to the Gulf at the request of the Saudis and the UAE after the attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

Recalling the destruction of a US drone by Iranian forces in June after Iran seized a British oil tanker, the US defense secretary said the September 14 attack on two Saudi oil facilities “constitutes a major escalation of Iranian aggression.”

“In order to prevent further escalation, Saudi Arabia has requested international assistance to protect the vital infrastructure of the Kingdom, and the UAE has also requested assistance,” he said.

The deployment of more US troops in the kingdom means more of Washington’s involvement in the Saudi decision and a violation of the kingdom’s sovereignty, as well as extortion of billions of dollars as it has for years.

For his part, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Adel al-Jubeir, said that his country has “evidence of the use of Iranian weapons in the Aramco attacks and that consultations are continuing with our allies regarding the response to the attack.

Al-Jubeir added on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York that “the international experts sent by the United Nations to verify these attacks are still in the Kingdom,” stressing that “when the results appear we will decide the next step.”

“There is a consensus on not accepting Iran’s behavior, not accepting what happened [Aramco attacks] and on the need for Iran to comply with international law,” he said. “We are evaluating our options and will decide the appropriate option.”

Last July, King Salman announced that he had agreed to host new US troops in the Kingdom to “raise the level of joint action to defend the security and stability of the region.”

But the story was contradictory from the American side. Four hours after Saudi’s tweet a US Central Command account tweet that the deployment of US forces came at the request of Saudi Arabia: The Secretary of Defense authorized the transfer of US personnel and resources for deployment in Saudi Arabia. ”

NBC also said the Saudis had agreed to pay some of the costs associated with the presence of US troops in the country.

CNN published aerial photographs of Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Airbase, 150 miles east of Riyadh, and is preparing to receive US troops, expected to number up to 500 troops, as well as an airstrip being prepared to host the latest aircraft F-22.

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