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Saudi human rights institutions: An explicit bias to block the regime’s violations

Sanad Organization for Human Rights highlighted the shameful reality of Saudi human rights institutions in light of the explicit bias they record to conceal violations and cover up the reality of repression.

The organization said that the Saudi authorities were not satisfied with disinformation in the media to conceal their crimes against freedoms and human rights and established institutions that claim to preserve human rights.

Among the most prominent institutions in which the authority claims to protect freedoms and human rights are the Human Rights Commission, the Permanent Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons, the National Society for Human Rights, the Control and Anti-Corruption Commission, the Family Safety Program, and many others.

Many governmental and non-governmental institutions concerned with the protection and promotion of human rights or specific rights have been established, in addition to the responsibilities of government agencies primarily involved with the implementation of human rights, each in his field of competence. However, the work of these institutions today was only formal and biased towards the policies of Ibn Salman and his repressive authority.

In the presence of these institutions that claim to preserve human rights, the authority today practices its most heinous crimes against the people, confiscating the freedom of opinion and expression and violating the rights of prisoners of conscience.

The regulations that protect human rights from violations have become ink on paper in the kingdom, which suffers from the domination of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his entourage over the people of the country.

The local regulations guarantee that the protection of people, whether a citizen or a resident, an adult or a child. In the system of governance Article (8), “Governance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is based on justice, consultation, and equality, in accordance with Islamic Sharia,” and in Article (26) It stipulates that: “The state protects human rights, in accordance with Islamic law.”

Despite the provisions of local regulations that legislate and stipulate the importance of preserving and respecting human rights, the authorities today is working against the regulations, by violating human rights and preventing freedom of opinion and expression, as well as fighting opponents, activists, intellectuals and preachers, and violating their rights inside government prisons.

The Saudi authorities maintain their hostile approach against the people of the country, violating human rights and local and international laws.

The file of children’s rights is one of the sensitive files that bin Salman’s authority has been implicated in violating, especially their unfair arrest and trial.

The Saudi authorities arrest children and torture them in its dark prisons, and brutally kill them under laws and statements that are not tangible on the ground.

The authority has executed at least 12 minors during the past four years, while today, five are at risk of being executed.

Amnesty International had said that Saudi Arabia has for years been violating international law that prohibits the use of the death penalty against persons under the age of 18 at the time of the crime.

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