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Anger in Kingdom from the corruption of the Entertainment Authority

Anger is escalating in the Kingdom due to the corruption of the entertainment Authority’s concerts, which seek to distract the conservative Saudi society and deflect it from its identity and conservative customs for decades.

A series of steps imposed by Muhammad bin Salman since he assumed the position of Al-Ahed in the summer of 2017 constituted an outright coup against the Kingdom’s values and its conservative nature, which was met with and still widespread criticism from citizens being confronted with repression and arbitrary arrests.

The World Music Festival, “Middle East”, was launched in the Kingdom, as part of the activities of the Riyadh season, between 19 and 21 December this year, with the participation of selected Arab and international musicians.

The festival is considered an intrusion to the Kingdom, as bin Salman tries through these tumultuous parties to cover up his horrific violations against the prisoners of opinion and opponents.

More than 100 international DJ and electronic music artists will be present to revive the largest music event in the Middle East, with live performances on five huge theaters, with the participation of the largest singers of the Arab world and the Gulf, such as: “Rashid Al Majed”, “Rabeh Saqr”, and “Amr Diab”, And Majid Al Muhandis, and Muhammad Hamaki.

The festival includes 18 world titles and 28 international performances.

The “Big Best” theater, which includes major shows, is the largest theater in the festival, and it accommodates more than 45,000 people who love music and art, through which Turki Al Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority, tries to imitate the West and convey their ideas to the Kingdom.

The festival also includes the Underground Best 1 and 2 Theater, which host the most famous international and local art giants.

Also amongst theaters is the Down Best Theater to provide a relaxing space away from the hustle of music and high rhythms, hosting DJs and prominent musicians and a number of local talents.

With the rise of Bin Salman, he imposed a coup against conservative traditions and customs in the Kingdom, such as allowing women to enter stadiums, drive a car and motorcycle, as well as the emergence of dancing, mixing, and strange scenes on Saudi society, opening cinemas and not separating women and men inside restaurants.

Since Turki Al Sheikh assumed the presidency of the Entertainment Authority, the Kingdom has witnessed the organization of events dominated by scenes of mixing, dancing and the participation of transgender people, in a scene that was taboo in the Kingdom.

Today, however, the Kingdom is witnessing rapid changes at the societal level, led by young people (who take advantage of Ibn Salman’s policy and his new vision) to break restrictions and beliefs that most Saudi people consider red lines.

The Kingdom is witnessing social changes that some considered shocking to the society known for its reservations and an attempt by the Saudi regime to strip Saudi society of its identity.

Over the past months, the Saudi regime has worked to flood the kingdom with suspicious steps of entertainment since the establishment of a special body for that in 2016, which met with sharp criticism for its role in changing the religious and traditional character of the Kingdom.

Muhammad bin Salman is paying a coup against the Kingdom’s religious and moral heritage by opening up to entertainment and hosting foreign teams with astronomical sums of money to provide an image that covers regime violations internally and externally.

Moreover, Saudi is trying to achieve a set of goals with their suspicious practices, the most important of which is distraction of Saudi citizens from their oppressive regime and its crimes and collecting money from large financial returns for parties and events, including porn in the land of the Two Holy Mosques.

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