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Hamas condemns the unfair trial of dozens of Palestinians in Saudi

The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” in Palestine said that it followed with deep regret and condemnation unfair trials and false accusations, which were directed by the Saudi authorities to dozens of Palestinians residing in the Kingdom.

In a statement, the movement stated that Dr. Muhammad Saleh Al-Khudari, the representative of the movement in the Kingdom, his son Dr. Hani, and dozens of Palestinians are at the forefront.

The movement stressed that these “did not commit sin or guilt, but rather their guilt in the eyes of the Saudi State Security Presidency is that they championed the cause of Holy Palestine, which is the issue of the nation with all its components.”

He added that, while expressing its strong condemnation of the Saudi authorities continuing to arrest the honorable people of our people and our nation, it demands that they release all detainees.

The Al-Khudari family said that the Kingdom’s criminal court held its first session on Sunday, to try several Palestinian and Jordanian detainees, including two of its members.

Abdel-Majed Al-Khudari, who lives in the Gaza Strip, stated that his brother, Mohammed 81, a leader in the Hamas movement, and his elder son Hani, were presented to the criminal court in the first session, since their arrest in April 2019.

Al-Khudari added: “The court presented an indictment that includes two charges: membership in a terrorist organization and fund-raising.” And he revealed that the news that reached him, according to the trial of a number of Palestinians and Jordanians, an estimated “68” persons.

The court will hold its second session, according to Al-Khudari, on the 12th of next Ramadan.

And human rights sources revealed that the Palestinian detainees face “charges related to transferring funds illegally and establishing unlicensed organizations.”

On September 9, 2019, Hamas announced the arrest of al-Khudari and his son, and said that he had been responsible for managing “the relationship with the Kingdom for two decades, and also assumed senior leadership positions in the movement.”

She added that his arrest is “part of a campaign that targeted many of the Palestinian people residing in Saudi Arabia,” without further clarification.

In a statement issued on September 6, 2019, the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights (Geneva-based) said that Saudi Arabia is forcibly hiding 60 Palestinians, including Al-Khudari and his son.

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