For the first time… Prince criticizes Entertainment Authority

Criticisms of the Entertainment Authority, headed by Turki Al-Sheikh, are escalating after the activities and events it offers within the Kingdom.

A Saudi prince criticized the state of the Kingdom after granting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Entertainment Authority headed by Turki Al Sheikh, full powers to spread immorality and vice for reasons of “openness.”

The businessman and academic in the field of public administration Prince Khaled Al Saud wrote through his account on “Twitter”, tweeting alluding to the Kingdom’s situation now: “More ugly than guilt is the profession without shame and shame.”

And the prince Khalid Al Saud’s tweet enjoyed a wide reaction from the tweets who supported what he said, and expressed their sorrow over the absence of the Commission to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice.

Since Turki Al Sheikh assumed the presidency of the Entertainment Authority, the Kingdom has witnessed the organization of events dominated by scenes of mixing, dancing and the participation of transgender people, in a scene that was taboo in the Kingdom.

Today, however, the Kingdom is witnessing rapid changes at the societal level, led by young people (who take advantage of Ibn Salman’s policy and his new vision) to break restrictions and beliefs that most Saudi people consider red lines.

The Kingdom has witnessed, since the assumption of the “Muhammad bin Salman” mandate of the Covenant, social changes that some considered shocking to the society known for its reservations and an attempt by the Al Saud regime to strip Saudi society from its identity.

A series of steps imposed by Muhammad bin Salman constituted an outright coup against the Kingdom’s values and its conservative character, which has been met with and still widespread criticism from citizens being confronted with repression and arbitrary arrests.

Over the past months, the Saudi regime has worked to flood the Kingdom with suspicious steps of entertainment since the establishment of a special body for that in 2016, which met with sharp criticism for its role in changing the religious and traditional character of the Kingdom.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is paying a coup against the Kingdom’s religious and moral heritage by opening up to entertainment and hosting foreign teams with astronomical sums of money to provide a picture covering the system’s violations internally and externally.

Moreover, the Al Saud are trying to achieve a set of goals with their suspicious practices, the most important of which is distraction of Saudi citizens from their repressive regime and its crimes and collecting money from large financial returns for parties and events, including porn in the land of the Two Holy Places.

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