Saudi Arabia faces freezing temperature within days

Meteorologists expected temperatures to reach zero degrees Celsius in some regions of Saudi Arabia in the coming days.

Weather and climate researcher, Walid Sulaiman Al-Hogail, said that an icy wave will hit the Kingdom, starting next Wednesday, and will be in full force in the north of the country and extend to the central and eastern regions on Thursday. At the same time, it will reach Najran, Asir, Al Baha and East Taif Friday.

Al-Hogail expected, through his Twitter account, that temperatures would reach 0 degree Celsius in the far reaches of the country at the end of the week, to be preceded by a rainy state.

The Saudi astronomer Khaled Al-Zaq talked about the date of the “winter solstice” in the Kingdom.

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Al-Zaq said, through his Twitter account: “Only 30 hours is the remaining time for the sun to reach its maximum mile from the south, at the so-called point of the winter solstice.”

He added that the sun would reach this point at exactly one o’clock and two minutes from dawn on the day after tomorrow, Monday, which is called the departure point.

He explained that “there is no hail except after the sun has gone, that is, severe cold does not come to us, which enters with a person in his bed only after the sun has gone from the south to the north.”

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