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Huge financial promises from Saudi Arabia to Tunisia if the coup succeeds

Well-informed Saudi sources revealed huge financial promises were made from Saudi Arabia to Tunisian President Qais Saeed in the event of the coup’s success in Tunisia.

Mujtahid account on Twitter revealed that Qais Saeed was promised by Saudi Arabia and the UAE an amount of $5 billion as a deposit in Tunisia if the coup succeeds, and a definite promise that Tunisia will not enter into recession after the success of the coup.

Mujtahid stated that Saudi Arabia and the UAE operated about 700,000 Facebook accounts, mostly fake, to incite against the Parliament and support the coup.

Prior to that, Mujtahid confirmed that what is happening in Tunisia is a coup led by Qais Saeed to overthrow Al-Nahda in the manner of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s coup to expel the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

It stated that the coup in Tunisia was carried out in cooperation with Sisi, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and France.

It pointed out that the demonstrations in Tunisia recently were charades similar to the June 30 demonstrations in Egypt that paved the way for Sisi’s coup.

Mujtahid explained that the coups pushed the largest number of mercenaries of the leftist parties to take to the streets and pretend to celebrate Qais Saeed’s decision.

It added that because the numbers were not enough to prove the popular joy, the Al-Arabiya channel and other media were forced to forge and use pictures of old demonstrations and dub them evidence of the overwhelming popular joy in the coup.

Mujtahid’s account concluded that Saudi Arabia and the UAE, despite their current dispute, agree to support this coup in Tunisia, which is evident in the comments of the two countries’ media and their electronic flies.

A Saudi source revealed the secrets of Mohammed bin Salman’s support for the coup of Tunisian President Qais Saeed and his freezing of Parliament’s work.

The source told Saudi Leaks that Bin Salman secretly called Qais Saeed two days ago and incited him to dissolve Parliament to isolate the Islamic Renaissance Party from the political scene in the country.

The source stated that bin Salman assured Qais Saeed of his personal support for the steps of the Tunisian president if he took firm measures against the Ennahda party and took power himself, which is what happened.

According to the source, bin Salman has not forgotten the widespread popular protests he faced on November 27, 2018, during his visit to Tunis.

Bin Salman had faced massive popular demonstrations against his visit to Tunisia, against the background of his involvement in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

It was noted that the Saudi media and trolls celebrated Saeed’s decisions immediately after their issuance and promoted them as excluding the Alnahda Party.

Tunisian President Kais Saied, who has conflicted for months with the Alnahda party, the largest party represented in Parliament, decided on Sunday to freeze all Parliament’s work, announcing that he would assume the executive power, in a move Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi described as a “coup.”

Saied said after an emergency meeting he held at Carthage Palace with security officials that he had decided “under the provisions of the constitution, to take measures required by (…) the situation, to save Tunisia, to save the Tunisian state and to save Tunisian society.”

He added, “We are going through the most delicate moments in Tunisia’s history, but rather the most dangerous moments,” at a time when the country is facing an unprecedented health crisis due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and power struggles.

President Said announced the freezing of all Parliament’s work and the dismissal of Prime Minister Hisham al-Mashishi from his post, citing Article 80 of the constitution, which allows this kind of measures in case of “imminent danger.”

Later, the Tunisian presidency clarified that “the freezing of the work and competencies of the Parliament will be for a period of 30 days.”

Saeed indicated that one of the decisions he also took was “the president of the state assuming the executive authority, with the help of a government headed by the prime minister and appointed by the president of the republic.”

Said said, “The constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all of its activities.”

The Tunisian president also announced the lifting of immunity for all members of Parliament.

On Sunday evening, the Alnahda party denounced a “coup against the revolution” after the decisions taken by the president.

Ghannouchi said in a statement on his Facebook page that “what Kais Saied has done is a coup against the revolution and the constitution, and the supporters of Alnahda and the Tunisian people will defend the revolution.”

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