Saud House Crimes

The Star: Dozens of Kenyan workers killed while working in Saudi Arabia

The Kenyan newspaper, The Star, revealed that many families bury their daughters, Kenyan domestic servants, after returning with the “coffin of death” from Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper revealed for the first time that no criminal investigation was carried out into any of the deaths in what turned out to be Saudi Arabia as a “killing field”.

It said that the death and torture of Kenyans, especially young Kenyan women, workers and maids in Saudi Arabia, is an “endless tale”, as the scenario is the same every time.

“The body arrives, the emotional appropriate media covers, families and human rights groups demand action, an autopsy is performed and the victim is buried. It ends there.”

Caroline Alloch is the most recent accident, a second-year student at Casey University whose body arrived in Kenya on Saturday.

The newspaper added that Kenya should negotiate better working conditions for its citizens in the kingdom to end the killings and modern slavery, especially young Kenyan women.

“Departments of Foreign Affairs and Labor must have a database of all Kenyans and Kenyans working in Saudi Arabia and be proactive by rescuing those in distress.”

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