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The Saudi regime threatens to send suicide bombers to the United States to defend bin Salman

The Saudi regime escalated its inflammatory media rhetoric against the United States of America by threatening to send suicide bombers in a first of its kind.

The Saudi regime released its trolls and preachers to threaten the United States against the backdrop of the CIA’s report on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In a recent tweet, Sheikh Ayed Al-Qarni, a close friend of the Saudi regime, threatened to send suicide bombers to defend Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“Your people don’t fear death if you give a command… Among us are heroes willing to be suicide bombers to defend you,” Al-Qarni tweeted, addressing bin Salman.

Al-Qarni also published a previous tweet in which he wrote that “the Saudi Arabia enemies do not know who Mohammed bin Salman represent to the Saudi people. He is a symbol of achievement, ambition, innovation and leadership, and any targeting of his person targets all Saudis.”

This coincided with systematic incitement by the Saudi media against the Biden administration.

The regime’s local Okaz newspaper published a picture of US President Joe Biden that hints he is linked to Iran.

The CIA report officially condemned Mohammed bin Salman in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in early October 2018.

According to the US security report published by President Joe Biden’s administration, bin Salman ordered the kidnapping or assassination of Khashoggi.

“We conclude that Mohammed bin Salman authorized an operation in Istanbul, Turkey, to arrest or kill the journalist Khashoggi,” the four-page report said.

“The crown prince considered Khashoggi a threat to the kingdom and generally supported the use of violent measures if necessary to silence him,” he added.

The report highlighted that the US assessment was based on the crown prince’s control over decision-making, the direct involvement of a key advisor, and his support for violence to silence dissidents.

The CIA report confirmed that 21 individuals were responsible for killing Khashoggi on behalf of bin Salman.

The report revealed that seven members of Bin Salman’s protection participated in Khashoggi’s assassination and had previously participated in silencing opponents by direct order from him, which means that they can’t participate in the operation without his approval.

The Biden administration issued a declassified copy of the CIA report on Khashoggi’s killing inside the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

With the publication of the report, the crown prince is threatening to face international sanctions and isolation.

The report is based on evidence gathered by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other spy agencies that bin Salman issued orders to assassinate Khashoggi.

The report’s revelation comes as President Joe Biden seeks to reset US relations in the Middle East and restore human rights principles in the region.

In contrast to former President Donald Trump, Biden pledged to reveal the CIA report’s contents on Khashoggi’s assassination.

The White House confirmed that the report “will constitute an important step to ensure that responsibilities are defined.”

The term “defining responsibilities” opens the door to questions; it will either hold the Crown Prince and his surroundings responsible for the crime or impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia and its senior officials, headed by Bin Salman.

The US judiciary may lead the investigation against the crown prince since that Khashoggi was a resident in the United States and is covered by international law protection, which is the worst-case scenario for the crown prince.

Regarding the second point, Washington might impose political and economic sanctions on Saudi Arabia.

This is similar to the West’s sanctions when Russia assumed the implementation of a failed assassination operation.

Moreover, bin Salman will face more severe international isolation, whether from the United States, the European Union countries and other international parties.

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