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Saudi regime depends on Washington and Israel to secure its future

The more the Saudi regime felt that its end was approaching and the dangers increased around it by its crimes and corruption, the more it fell into the arms of the United States and Israel to protect its future.

The US Defense Secretary Mark Esper arrived in the Kingdom on his first visit to Washington’s Middle East ally since he took office this summer.

His visit comes as tensions between the United States and Iran grows, and Russia seeks to increase its regional influence, days after Washington approved more military reinforcements to the Kingdom.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran have reached new highs since May 2018, when the Trump administration withdrew from the 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran.

Esber will meet with Saudi leaders and US troops during the visit, as the United States deployed troops to bolster the kingdom’s defenses following two attacks on its oil facilities last month.

The US defense secretary’s visit to Riyadh comes at a time when the chiefs of staff of 18 countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United States, held a meeting to discuss protecting the region’s security and stability.

In a speech at the beginning of the conference, the Chief of the General Staff, Fayyad bin Hamed Al-Ruwaily, said that the conference comes to discuss the challenges, threats and security and defense issues that surround the countries of the region, which contain about 30% of the energy supply in the region. Worldwide, shipping lanes account for 20% of the world’s commercial lanes, according to the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

He added that the Saudi armed forces are confronting all threats emanating from Iran and its arms, looking forward to come up with a position confirming participation in supporting efforts in protecting these important facilities and ensuring that such attacks do not recur.

According to the official Saudi Press Agency, the participants were briefed on the unprecedented attack and damage to vital facilities in the Kingdom, as well as ballistic missiles and Iranian drones intercepted.

In the meantime, the Saudi regime participated in a normalization meeting held in Bahrain with the suspicious participation of Israel in a new indication of the severity of the regime’s involvement in normalization at the expense of marginalization and liquidation of the Palestinian cause.

Observers believe that the Saudi regime’s distance from the Palestinian cause and the ongoing Iranian threat prompted it to open doors of communication with Israel, which they do not expect to have the upper hand in Gulf security.

Israel will remain that enemy state to be wary of, and its participation in the Bahrain conference should not mean normalization with it, or turn a blind eye to what it is doing against the Palestinians even if the Saudi regime tries to promote it.

Israel will remain the biggest enemy of the Arab nation. Any talk of common interests with the Gulf states contradicts the concept of national security. It is surprising that Israel is participating in the regional security debate in Bahrain, which is fundamentally a threat to it.

Observers point out that the summons of the Saudi regime to protect the water in the Gulf reveals the existence of Arab-Israeli coordination that reached the limit of partnership and is no longer normalized. Strangely, the invitation was made days after the Arab League condemned the Turkish military operation in Syria on the pretext of infiltrating Syrian sovereignty.

Israel has carried out about 260 airstrikes on Syria over the past three years, which have killed hundreds of Syrians, bombed Iraq and Lebanon, and has sought to persuade America not to provide the Kingdom with any information about building a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes. This means that Israel is clearly contributing to the targeting of Gulf national security.

Therefore, Israel’s invitation to the meeting is to open the gates of the Gulf to the largest security and intelligence service (Mossad) in the region, which is very dangerous, especially since Israel is a rogue and racist state with a historical hatred against the Arabs, and Israel’s entry into the Gulf will make it an intelligence base for all its operations, including assassinations and coups.

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