Misleading facts and impunity.. Saudi regime policy of repression

The Saudi authorities continue to possess and control the media sector in the Kingdom, motivated by covering up the failures, corruption, repression and the impunity of those involved in the crimes of repression.

The media has become one of the government tools through which the Saudi regime seeks to mislead the facts in favour of the decision-makers in the state. At the same time, it employs electronic armies that work to cover up the scandals of torture, repression and the restrictions it is involved in.

Sanad Organization for Human Rights said that the Saudi regime bears full responsibility for what is happening in the Kingdom of crimes and violations against rights and freedoms, in light of impunity, and those involved in the repression enjoy absolute freedom without accountability or punishment.

It stressed that the regime should review its policy against the people, their freedoms and human rights, and end impunity and misrepresentation of facts, which is intended to improve the reputation of Ibn Salman, which his repressive policy has tarnished.

In light of the constantly escalating repression since Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman assumed the position of a crown prince more than 4 years ago, Saudi activists are experiencing difficulty in expressing their opinions and practising their free, peaceful activities.

Activists on social media resort to using fake names in their accounts, in which they are active, for fear of being arrested, repressed and harassed.

The behaviour of activists in the Kingdom reflects the terror and intimidation that the regime instils in the people’s hearts and its deprivation of their legitimate rights and freedoms that are sanctioned by local and international laws.

The regime must pledge to the world in general and the people, in particular, to develop urgent and radical solutions to end the deprivation of freedom and restrictions that violated rights and freedoms and ensure a safe and secure environment for peaceful activists.

The regime follows a repressive method in increasing arbitrary sentences after the end of the sentence for prisoners of conscience. This is to retaliate against them and take revenge on them for expressing their legitimate opinions and demands.

Al-Nasser was arrested in the September 2017 arrest campaign. During his arbitrary arrest, he was ill-treated. He witnessed a restriction in communication and meeting with his family, and he was prevented access to an attorney.

Sanad Human Rights Organization called on the ruling regime to immediately release Dr Ibrahim Al-Nasser, stop the unjust sentences against prisoners of conscience and release all those who ended his arbitrary detention period.

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