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Protests in the Yemeni al-Mahrah against the Saudi plots

The Yemeni province of Al-Mahrah is witnessing a wave of protests against the presence of the Saudi regime in the province and the attempts of the regime to impose its control on it.

Security sources have reported a new plan for the Saudi family aimed at controlling the Port of Activists in the Yemeni Al-Mahrah Governorate.

The sources said that the Saudi authorities are using the development work as a new justification for controlling a port active under the port development banner, as were Al-Ghaydah Airport and government institutions that Riyadh took control of years ago and turned it into military barracks for its forces.

In the same context, the new communication and media center affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs talked about what he called “the features of an active port development project in Al-Mahrah Governorate.” The center said, “The project includes building new facilities, equipping protection systems, establishing a power station, providing cranes of various sizes, and repairing the pier.

The announcement, according to the sources, comes within Saudi Arabia’s attempts to establish an oil pipeline that extends from its lands in the border area of Al-Kharkhir to the Arabian Sea through Al-Mahra governorate in eastern Yemen, after it had paid military forces more than two years ago and for the past two years, Saudi Arabia announced several fake projects in Al-Mahrah, from which it takes justification its presence and information material to appear contrary to what it is in Al-Mahra Governorate.

Various districts are witnessing escalating protests, rejecting the Saudi military presence, and demanding the dismissal of Governor Rajeh Bakrett, who is accused of working for the Kingdom against the interests of the people of the province and the legitimate government that appointed him as a governor under Saudi pressure.

The Saudi forces have intentionally, since they took control of Al Mahra Governorate as their target, to tighten control over all land, sea and air outlets, and to strengthen and impose their control over them by the presence of an unjustified military arsenal in those outlets. The Saudi forces have previously closed an active port, which is reflected in the commercial and service movement of the province The only sea port where most goods and ration goods pass.

Active port is located on the eastern front of the Republic of Yemen, west of Al Ghaida district, capital of Al-Mahra Governorate and its most important directorate, and it is the only port in it, and it was opened in the year 1984, with a length of 210 meters, a draft level in it five meters, and was established as a multi-purpose port to serve the commercial and fish movement, and it was rehabilitated from New in the year 2010.

The opposition intensified with the expansion of Saudi influence through the establishment of military installations, and its endeavor to extend an oil pipeline extending from its lands in the border area of Al-Kharkhir to the Arabian Sea through Al-Mahrah.

Since April 2018, Al-Mahrah Governorate has witnessed protests demanding the exit of Saudi forces, the handing over of freight and Sarafit ports, an active port, and Al Ghaida International Airport, to local forces, and the preservation of national sovereignty.

On several occasions, citizens and tribesmen in Al-Mahrah responded to the Saudi forces’ attempts to establish military sites and checkpoints in areas of the governorate.

Those who reject the guardianship of the Saudi government affirm their loyalty to the legitimate Yemeni government, and their support for the army and security forces loyal to the legitimacy, and denounce the presence of the Saudi forces in the province without that being necessary.

Since the formation of the coalition led by Riyadh and Abu Dhabi to support and support legitimacy in Yemen, they soon revealed their intentions to preserve their interests, and they turned their entry to support legitimacy into a process of division and exchange of roles.

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