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MbS Sick with Paranoia Disorders and Narcissism

Mohammed bin Salman suffers from an imbalance in his personality, where his behavior intersects with the symptoms of paranoia and narcissism.

Bin Salman believes that violence and sovereignty are the means to maintain his power. He has no confidence in people and always suspects that they are seeking to overthrow him. He asks the public to submit to his will.

Bin Salman always enjoins his followers to change their values with primitive value, and he always hides his weakness behind his false sense of greatness.

As the anger of the people distracted from him to others, and distract people from his repeated defeats of entertainment.

Bin Salman contrasts the lack of understanding of the demands of change with his primitive rift with violence, arrest, enforced disappearance and torture, and raises moral standards for his dealings with those he considers his opponents.

Paranoia and narcissism are the worst psychological diseases, but the worst is to hit an ardent ruler like ben Salman.

Recently, the French “Journal du Dimanche” newspaper said that ben Salman suffers a psychological crisis that accompanied him since childhood, saying he mixes in his personality both moderation and repression.

The newspaper pointed out that bin Salman “is still suffering from deep psychological damage required since childhood, where his brothers used to look at him with disregard; which led him to work to change this in various ways.

Among these distinguished princes and foreign university graduates are astronaut Sultan bin Salman, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman, who served as deputy minister of the Ministry of Petroleum, as well as Prince Faisal bin Salman.

According to psychologists, the newspaper reports that these very high differences between ben Salman and his brothers caused him a psychological crisis, which appeared clear in his relationship with the other princes who have been working on their exclusion and chasing them since he intensified his help with governance.

The psychological effects of the crown prince also reflected on the Saudi people and posed a great threat to the security of the region. “He wants to prove himself first and to his brothers and his father. Secondly, he is capable of bringing about change in society and the world as well.

The French newspaper said that bin Salman has hidden himself under his father until he became the de facto ruler of the country that it is his task answering calls to the king.

Bin Salman is an important player in the war in Yemen, as well as his contribution to fueling instability in the Middle East.

Bin Salman was his father’s favorite son, where he needed him for many years, accompanied him at all meetings, and this spoiled child learned a lot by observing his father.

Observers confirm that Ben Salman is working to protect himself from the outbreak of the situation around him when his father is absent from him, taking steps to reorganize the state and society in line with his ambition to rise to power.

He is locked in a fierce battle with a number of his cousins who represent an obstacle to his arrival in the country. A number of them have been arrested among dozens of princes and ministers whom he accuses of corruption.

Sunday Independent said that bin Salman is far from the slogans he launches on the exercise of democracy and the promotion of human rights.

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