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MBS Blackmails the Sudanese Army

Reliable sources said that Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) is blackmailing the transitional military council in Sudan by linking any Saudi financial support and increasing the number of Sudanese soldiers fighting in Yemen.

A new agreement was made between MbS and Vice President of the Military Council, Mohammad Hamdan Daklu (Hamiditi), to push more Sudanese troops to Yemen to cover the UAE withdrawal from southern Yemen.

The consultations led to the signing of this agreement by Othman Taha, former director of Bashir’s office, who is currently an adviser to the Saudi Crown Prince on African affairs.

The sources revealed that Taha conveyed to Hamedti the Saudi Crown Prince’s demands to increase the number of Sudanese troops in Yemen, by 5 thousand soldiers. The move comes to fill the military vacuum in southern Yemen, in exchange for more political and economic support.

According to the sources, a Saudi-UAE dispute has begun on Hamidati role, especially after the repeated crises caused by his statements. Also, his image has deteriorated in the Sudanese street after the General Command sit-in massacre.

“We are fighting with the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and our forces are among the largest participating forces in the coalition,” Hamidati said recently, with 30,000 troops in the alliance.

He added that the money paid from the UAE and Saudi Arabia went to the central bank and did not enter into the account of Hamidati or another account. He referred to the previous support of the two countries that amounted to three billion dollars, including a deposit at the Central Bank of Sudan of $500 thousand.

The Sudanese Ministry of Defense announced several months ago that it would conduct a comprehensive assessment of the army’s participation in a war against Yemen. Observers consider that this was one of the main reasons that pushed Saudi Arabia and the UAE to overthrow Bashir.

The announcement came days after Sudanese parliamentarians demanded Bashir to withdraw the army immediately from Yemen. They considered this participation “contrary to the constitution and the law,” after dozens of Sudanese soldiers died and hundreds wounded in the war.

Sudan participates with its forces in the Saudi-led aggression against the Yemeni people on hot fronts such as Midi, the Red Sea coast fronts, and more recently, additional forces have been pushed into Saada fronts.

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