Prisoners of Conscience

Journalist detained in Saudi prisons for exposing corruption

The Saud House authorities have deleted the entire video content (50 videos) from a journalist account on tweeter for criticizing corruption in Fifa province.

These videos all had important details and figures about wasting public money and corruption.

The Saudi authorities arrested the journalist, Yazed al-Faife, the owner of the yazedalfaife account on Twitter, in a campaign of arrests last April, after he published videos and tweets about the spread of poverty and corruption.

After al-Fifi’s talk of poverty, “rampant corruption” in Fifa, and the seriousness of smugglers moving easily to and from Yemen, activists interacted with his account, which led the Saudi authorities to arrest him.

Al-Fifi hinted at the silence of state agencies about an “intelligence plan” targeting the mountains linking the Kingdom with Yemen, documenting videos of African men searching the Fifa mountains of the Jizan region in the southwest of the kingdom.

Activists called on the Saudi authorities to release al-Fifi, who affirmed his loyalty to the government and that he could not bring the suffering of his people to the king and his crown prince.

Al-Fifi published a video on his YouTube channel titled “External Intelligence Work Supported by an Internal Agenda in Jazan Province”, in which he expressed his opinion about what is happening in Jazan.

The journalist published a video of smuggling and armed confrontation in the province, and attacked the governor and officials.

For more than a year, the Saudi authorities have been campaigning for preachers, sheikhs, jurists, academics, media professionals, and feminists.

The authorities have charged them with terrorism, conspiracy against the Kingdom, threatening social peace and stability, and cooperating with external parties to harm the country’s security and other charges.

The authorities held these detainees in undisclosed locations for long periods before appearing in a number of prisons in Riyadh, and their relatives and relatives said that they had been subjected to systematic and brutal torture, which significantly affected their health and caused the death of some of them.

Human rights sources confirmed earlier that the “campaign of arbitrary arrests” is continuing, calling for “the immediate release of all prisoners of conscience”, declaring their rejection of “this fierce crackdown.

The Saudi authorities have arrested thousands of activists, intellectuals, clerics, journalists and businessmen over the past two years in an effort to eliminate any possible opposition to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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