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Saudi Leaks reveals: Israeli military to join forces with US in Saudi

Saudi Leaks learned from high-ranking military sources that Israeli soldiers would soon be stationed inside military bases in Saudi Arabia.

A military commander in the Saudi army said that Israeli soldiers would join the American army bases spread throughout the Kingdom shortly.

The military commander, preferred to remain unnamed, stated that the Israeli soldiers would install the Iron Dome batteries needed to intercept air missiles.

He indicated that a tripartite agreement brought together the armies’ leadership (Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States) to discuss confronting the missiles launched by the Houthis at the Kingdom.

The military commander added that the entry of the Israeli forces comes within preparing for any possible confrontation with Iran in the region.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia’s purchase of the Israeli Iron Dome system amounted to millions of dollars.

And he warned of an economic crisis ensuing from that, by strengthening the strength of the US dollar against the collapse of the Saudi riyal.

New rules

The US Central Command commander, General Frank MacKenzie, revealed that his country’s army is using a group of air bases in the western desert of Saudi Arabia.

He stated that the US military is developing several options to use them in the event of a conflict with Iran. This is in reference to bringing in Israeli forces.

This came in a statement to the Wall Street Journal, discussing America’s options for a possible confrontation with Iran during the era of former President Donald Trump.

According to “McKinsey”, the use of these rules has not been announced previously

Senior military commanders are looking for alternatives to safely move troops and equipment across the region to reduce their exposure to Iranian ballistic missiles.

McKinsey added: The United States and Saudi Arabia are negotiating plans to invest in the infrastructure of both commercial and industrial ports in the coastal Yanbu.

American uses

In addition to two air bases, in Tabuk and Taif, to make them more usable for the US military.

There are additional sites under study, but General “MacKenzie” refused to specify those sites.

He pointed out that creating the new rules gave the United States additional flexibility in the region by complicating the opponent’s options.

McKinsey noted that the Saudis would pay for infrastructure improvements to any of the sites, which would be considered “dual-use”, not just for military purposes.

Over the past year or more, the military has conducted several test operations at the sites to move equipment to and from the area, he said.

According to the spokesman, Troops and weapons were transported through ports and bases to demonstrate how the sites could be used to deploy troops while reducing the likelihood of Iranian ballistic missile exposure.

McKinsey said the new rules are not being used to advance the war with Iran.

Alternatives are available

The Saudi websites would provide alternatives to the dozens of bases the United States use across the region.

This includes Shuaiba Port in Kuwait or Al Udeid Port, according to the spokesperson.

The newspaper said: Several thousand American forces, jet fighters, and other weapons are stationed at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia.

She stated that these forces had been stationed since 2019, to respond to regional threats from Iran.

The forces were sent by Trump, who forged close ties with Saudi leaders even after killing the Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.

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