Prisoners of Conscience

Human Rights institute calls for international investigation into conditions conscience prisoners in Saudi prisons

An international human rights institute called for an international investigation into the conditions of prisoners of conscience in the prisons of Saudi Arabia, especially in light of the ill-treatment and torture they face.

The Geneva Council for Rights and Justice called for an independent international investigation into the circumstances of the death of a detainee in the Kingdom due to medical negligence and suspicion of torture and ill-treatment.

The Geneva Council said it had received reports of the death of Islamic preacher and reformist Sheikh Saleh Abdul Aziz al-Dumairi (aged 60) during his detention in a prison in the kingdom’s terminal and the authorities handed over his body to his family on Saturday.

Al-Dumairi was a heart patient and held in solitary confinement. He had been arrested several times on a background of his views, including his call for the release of Islamic preachers and detractors in Saudi Arabia.

The Geneva Council expressed strong condemnation of the poor conditions of opinion detainees in Saudi Arabia, which has a bad record in the treatment of detainees opposed to the regime, including suspicions of torture and medical negligence.

Over the past two years, Saudi Arabia has witnessed the arrest of hundreds of activists and rights activists on the backdrop of their public positions and demands for political and social reform and the release of public freedoms amid repeated human rights demands for their fate and justice.

In January, activists announced the death of Sheikh Ahmad al-Ammari, the dean of the Holy Quran College at the University of Madinah in the past, due to a stroke inside the prison without comment from the authorities at the time.

The Geneva Council demanded an independent international investigation into the bad conditions of the arrest of dissidents in Saudi prisons and the neglect of the authorities in the Kingdom of the demands to provide them with health care and stop abuses and forms of psychological and physical torture against them.

He stressed that the mistreatment of Saudi opposition detainees could rise to the level of internationally prohibited torture, requiring that anyone responsible for torture and ill-treatment be held accountable or denied access to medical care.

The International Human Rights Council stressed that it is a shame to continue to detain the opposition in Saudi Arabia arbitrarily and hear their families about them until the body appears without the cost of the authorities themselves to comment on the truth of what happened to them.

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