Yemen War

Saudi Leaks reveals: Prince Fahd bin Turki faces unknown fate

The former commander of the joint forces in Yemen, Prince Fahd bin Turki bin Abdulaziz, faces an unknown fate after he was dismissed and referred for investigation on charges of corruption August 31.

Since that date, a security force under the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman imposed house arrest on bin Turki inside his home.

These forces transfer him from time to time for investigation inside the headquarters of the Saudi army.

Sources close to Prince Fahd’s family said that he is subject to house arrest and arbitrary harassment and that he is prevented from movement.

The sources added to Saudi Leaks that the security forces recently subjected all members of his family to a financial investigation.

It confirmed that the family is trying to communicate with princes and cousins ​​to end the house arrest, but to no avail.

According to the sources, “all the princes fear for their fate if they intervene in this case.”

Royal Decision

On August 31, the royal court issued a decision to dismiss Fahd bin Turki.

A Saudi source at the time suggested to Saudi leaks that the expansion of Fahd bin Turki’s influence on the men of the Saudi armed forces, and the strengthening of his friendly relations with large Yemeni tribes, was the reason for his dismissal at the instigation of bin Salman.

The source stated that bin Salman was concerned about bin Turki’s influence in the armed forces.

Another reason was his role influencing the Yemeni tribes supported by Saudi Arabia in their fight against the Houthis.

Bin Salman also feared a “counter-revolution in the royal family or a military coup against him.”

Yemen War

The opinion of the international lawyer and legal expert, Mahmoud Rifaat, that the arrests of bin Salman against the princes of the ruling family were carried out at the orders of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

Rifaat said in a tweeted, “#MuhammadBenSalman’s arrest of Emir #FahdabenTurkiBenAbdulaziz, commander of the coalition forces and his son was at the behest of the Emirates, who had become infatuated with the capabilities of Yemen and the change of its skin.”

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy commented that bin Salman fears conspiracies that prevent him from formally taking over the throne, succeeding his sick and elderly father.

The institute stated that a step such as referring Prince Fahd bin Turki to retirement and interrogation with him is likely linked to the issue of succession to the throne.

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