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Destruction of statues of the Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom… An additional sign of protest

In an additional popular protest message, videos circulated on social media showed that a number of citizens were destroyed by “idols” and statues embodying strange creatures, constructed by the Entertainment Authority in the so-called “Riyadh season” that sparked controversy across the Kingdom.

The video shows a number of Saudis using huge cranes to remove “idols” and sculptures from which they were in the form of “human skulls”, with the loudness of the magnifications during the destruction.

Tweeters demanded that the head of the body, Turki Al-Sheikh, or one of the employees of the Entertainment Authority, explain to the people the meaning of the “demonic” statues, especially “the presence of a woman above the man,” and the reason for the presence of skulls and spider.

They stressed the rejection of the presence of statues in the Kingdom as an Islamic land, and its presence “spreading heresy and polytheism in the name of entertainment.”

The construction of these “idols” coincides with the Riyadh season launched by the Saudi Entertainment Authority, led by the Al-Sheikh, as part of its programs to collect as much money as possible for Saudi citizens, especially young people, in the search for financial resources away from oil.

Since taking over as Crown Prince in June 2017, Mohammed bin Salman has imposed a new and unprecedented state in Saudi society, embodied in a tremendous openness in the fields of music, singing and women, while restricting the voices that reject this openness.

Bin Salman supported a series of decisions that abandoned a number of official laws and customs adopted by the country for decades, most notably allowing women to drive, as well as access to football stadiums, as well as a fashion show and the opening of cinemas, and loud and mixed concerts punctuated by dance, which He faced criticism from a wide segment of society.

The Chairman of the Entertainment Authority “Al-Sheikh” announced at a press conference recently, the strategy of the work of the government in the next phase, stressing that his body is ready to “issue licenses live performances in cafes and restaurants to play music and musical performances and light games and comedy.”

He stressed, “Al-Sheikh” that what is witnessed in the Kingdom “would not have been achieved without the presence of a person and the vision of the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman.”

Yesterday evening, a women’s wrestling show was announced in the Saudi capital Riyadh for the first time, announced by the WWE.

The event has sparked widespread community debate in the kingdom, where the entertainment body, headed by Turki Al-Sheikh, is accused of violating Saudi society’s values.

Although the wrestlers are relatively modest, many Saudis feel that the entertainment authority is upholding their values and customs, and is stunned by the contrast between events hosting controversial foreign teams and claims to preserve Islamic values.

Most of the reactions to social media were rejected and condemned the holding of such games in the land of the Two Holy Mosques.

Over the past few days, e-campaigns have been launched on a daily basis to demand the cessation of corruption in the Kingdom and the removal of Turki Al-Sheikh from his post.

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