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Bin Salman seeks to intensify cooperation with Israel in espionage techniques

An American newspaper revealed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s efforts to intensify cooperation with Israel in the field of espionage techniques.

The Jewish Press, published in New York, said that Salman aims to intensify cooperation with Israel in security and technologies.

The newspaper added that bin Salman believes that such cooperation with Israel “will enhance the kingdom’s security and support his efforts for economic change, known as Vision 2030.”

The newspaper pointed out that Saudi Arabia has not yet reached an agreement declaring normalization with Israel because King Salman is committed to the idea that a Palestinian state should be created before normalization.

He added, “Nevertheless, Bin Salman believes that cooperation with Israel in the field of security can only enhance the defence of the kingdom and that Israeli technologies will be beneficial in the economic transformation that he envisions for its development.”

According to the newspaper, “It is clear that bin Salman realizes the need to make profound changes in a country that is subject to the strict application of the Wahhabi version of Islamic law.”
She highlighted that changes are underway in the Kingdom upon orders from Bin Salman, such as amending educational curricula and removing anti-Jewish content.

On September 6, she noted that the Imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Abd al-Rahman al-Sudais, delivered a sermon calling for dialogue and sympathy with non-Muslims he specifically referred to the Jews.

It warned that Al-Sudais was criticized, “who could not deliver the sermon without the approval of the royal family.”

She also drew attention to the TV drama series “Umm Haroun” on the Saudi MBC channel in the month of Ramadan last year, which focused on delivering the message that “Jews, Christians and Muslims live together in peace.”

The newspaper said, “Saudi Arabia may still have a way to go to become a country open to normalization, and the path is fraught with opposition.”

“Nevertheless, the kingdom is moving in an auspicious direction, and in Israel, we pray and hope that this will not frustrate the forces opposed to normalization,” she added.

And last December, disputes within the Saudi royal court led to the disclosure of a secret Saudi intelligence document.

The leaked secret document dates back to 2018, but the timing in which it was revealed raises doubts about the depth of disputes within the royal court.

The document was entitled “Israel and the Gulf … and the limits of Gulf benefits from Israel.”
The head of Saudi Intelligence, Lieutenant General Khaled Al-Humaidan, presented it to the Saudi Royal Court under the clause “top secret” on October 31, 2018.

Great differences prevail in the royal court between King Salman’s two teams (who rejects normalization with Israel, and his son’s team (which supports normalization with Israel).

Saudi sources suggested to Saudi Leaks that King Salman’s team pushed for the document to be released to the public – to embarrass the crown prince.

The sources said: The differences are deepening more and more inside the Bureau, and King Salman insists on the option of reconciliation in the Gulf instead of going for normalization with Israel.

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